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Who Is MEkey ICE For

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Who Is MEkey ICE For

Whatever activity you take part in, or whatever allergy or medical condition you have, the MEkey USB ICE devices have you covered.....

Medical ID

Medical ID devices are essential if you have a hidden medical condition or allergy.  Emergency personnel and healthcare professionals are trained to recognise medic alert devices so they can give you the best care possible.

You need medical ID if:

  • You have a hidden medical condition
  • You have an allergy
  • You take regular medication
  • You wish to highlight you are on the organ donor register


It doesnt matter if you are backpacking round the world, an adventure traveller, or having a weekend away, on a gap year adventure, MEkey ICE will be 'the key to who you are'.  If things go wrong while travelling you need to be able to have access to documents like copy of your passport, full insurance details, drivers license etc.  Keeping these encrypted on your MEkey device could save lots of time and stress.  MEkey ICE tags add that extra travel insurance.


The thrill of the open road, this fast corners, the long straights - the diesel on the road! It will not prevent the worst happening, but if it does, then wearing a MEkey ICE device with the paramedic star and ICE will be highly visible to any paramedics checking airways or pulse points.

Not only medical emergencies are covered with the MEkey Dog Tag - it can also hold encrypted copies of your bike documents, driving licence, passport, tickets, visas etc when you are way on a bike tour.  MEkey ICE tags are a great form of biker ID.

Hill Walkers

In the nature of their love for the outdoors, when walking alone or in isolated areas accidents could happen at any moment.  If the worst happens and you cant talk MEkey ICE will be able to provide medical/rescue personnel with the information they need as soon as possible.

Adventure Sports

Climbers, skiers, cyclists, runners, horse riders, etc all need a 'backup' plan.  MEkey ICE is the backup plan allowing first responders access to any vital information.  Perfect for Sports ID.

Lone Workers

More and more people are lone workers (self employed, delivery drivers, people who are on call out of normal working hours etc).  If the worst happens and no one knows who the person is or any allergies they might have this leads to valuable time lost.  With the MEkey ICE device a lone worker would have vital personal and medical information available quickly.  MEkey ICE is 'The key to who you are'

High Risk Workers

Police officers, security staff, high level construction workers, plus many more


At some point we all need emergency information either for our own infomation, or for others to assist us when we cant talk for ourselves - that's when the MEkey becomes 'The key to who you are'


Whichever MEkey device you use, it will be instantly recognisable as an emergency medical id device, because every MEkey ICE device carries the paramedic star with the staff & snake symbol.  To see the products select Wear ICE or Carry ICE in the Shop Categories