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I have plugged my MEkey device into my computer and nothing has happened

  • Double click on 'My Computer', the the next window you should see a removable drive with the MEkey logo.  Double click this drive and then double click the 'launch mekey' icon.  Your MEkey software should now launch

I have plugged my MEkey into the computer but can't see the device

  • Check you are using a version of Windows that is compatible with the MEkey (ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8)
  • Try removing the MEkey device, then re-insert it, also try a different USB port or different computer to check the USB ports are working correctly

Do I have to fill in every box with information

  • No.  It is totally up to you what information you fill in.  If there is a section that you dont want to fill in, just leave it blank.

Can I remove the 'Empty' text from the Public Screen and the forms

  • Yes you can.  It is just there to show no data has been entered yet.  When you are editing the forms, any fields that have the word 'Empty' in them you can just delete it and enter your data, or just leave it blank.

Can any of the information be used for ID fraud?

  • No - All the information you enter is just enough for medical personel to look after your well being.  This is one reason there are no spaces for your address, date of birth, home phone number etc.
  • The only information on the Public Screen that relates directly to you is the EHIC information, and if you feel uncomfortable about entering any data - simply don't

Can I store other files on my MEkey device like my driving licence?

  • Yes you can - if you click on the 'File Management' button on the main screen this will open up a window where you can upload files to the device.  They are then stored on your MEkey device. eg. Scans of your driving licence, travel insurance, passport etc
  • To keep your files secure we strongly recommend using the 'Encrypt File' feature.  Once a file is encrypted it is virtually impossible for anyone else to read it without your unique password.

How much storage is on my MEkey Medical ID Tag?

  • All MEkey devices have 1GB of storage, so that's plenty to store all your important documents and files.

I have decided on the picture I want to up-load but can't find it in the browse window

  • MEkey devices only support the .jpg file format.  If your picture is in any other format it will not show.  You will need to get the file converted to .jpg

What size and format should my photo be?

  • You don't need to worry about the size of the picture as the MEkey software will automatically scale it to fit. But the nearer the correct size would be better for quicker loading.
  • The aspect of the photo should be a portrait photo - ideally just of the head and shoulders (like a passport photograph)
  • The format of the file should be a .jpg - most digital cameras and phone cameras use this format.

The photo I have uploaded looks long and squashed

  • Make sure you have selected a portrait (tall) photograph

Will the emergency services know I'm wearing a MEkey medical ID device and what it is?

  • The emergency services are trained to check or ask the patient if they are wearing a medical information device.
  • Your MEkey features the paramedic star incorporating the staff and snake design, this along with the letters 'ICE' (in case of emergency) will alert emergency personel it is a medical information device.
  • Emergency services will check pulse points - and this is where you are most likely to be wearing a medical ID tag.

Is my MEkey waterproof?

  • The MEkey medical ID tag is rated at IP57.  The device is 'splashproof'.  It is designed to withstand any freshwater splashes, dust, sun etc.  It is not design to go swimming in so if possible take it off before hand.  Salt water is also corrosive, so if it comes into contact with salt water wipe down with a clean (fresh water) damp cloth as soon as possible.

Can the information stored on my MEkey be printed out?

  • Yes its can.  Simply press the 'Print Information' button and the main public information will be automatically sent the the default printer.

Do I need internet access to use the MEkey?

  • No, internet access is not required to use or edit the data.

Is there any special software to install?

  • No, the MEkey is a self contained device and can be edited anywhere you have access to a PC.

Can I make the chain shorter on the DogTag MEkey?

  • Yes you can, just cut off the amount required.  But make sure you trim down the end WITHOUT the clasp.

Do  you charge for any updates?

  • No - If you register your MEkey through the website you get any updates FREE for the first 12 months, after that you will not be informed of any PHR updates, but the device will still work fine.

Are there any ongoing annual costs?

  • There are no on going fees - once the MEkey ICE medical ID tag is bought that is the only cost.

Do first responders have to contact a call centre for my information?

  • No - all your information is available once the MEkey is plugged into a USB port

What is ICE?

  • In Case of Emergency (ICE) is a programme that allows first responders (paramedics, firefighters, police, mountain rescue, etc) to identify victims and contact their next of kin.  The programme was conceived in the mid 2000s and promoted by British paramedic Bob Brotchie.  It encourages people to enter emergency contacts in their mobile phones under the name "ICE".  The popularity of the programme has spread across Europe and Australia and has started to grow in North America. (initial source - wikipedia)
  • MEkey ICE tag is taking this concept one stage further by allowing you to keep personal and medical information and emergency contact information with you at all times to allow first responders access to vital information at the scene or as soon as possible - 'The key to who you are'